Hi, My name is Rebecca Furhman;  designer, business owner, marketing manager, wife and mother.  My career has been interesting as it it was a path that created itself instead of a path I chose and I believe that it has given me an interesting, less traditional skill set that allows me to be versitile.

My educational background is in Interior Design.  I have always had a passion for art and design, and I recieved my bachelor of arts degree from Mount Mary in 2005.  I spent my first year out of college as an interior designer and sales person for Rossi Home Furnishings in Downers Grove, IL.  Marriage brought me back to Wisconsin, where I returned to my college job in hotels.  My love of people had kept me at that job and i eventually decided to move into hotel sales as a career.  After a few years of developing my sales and coordinating skills, I realized how much I missed design and wanted to find an avenue where I could use my professional skill set, while utilizing what I was truely passionate about.  This lead me to marketing.

Marketing is all about appeances, communication and timing.  My sales backgound has taught me the importance of timing and conveying the proper message. but I found I was often lacking the physical tools in my sale endevours to effectivly comminicate that message.  Literature, E-blasts, Web Pages and logos are all important aspects that need to be properly designed and available for the sales team to get their job done!

My current job is as a marketing manager at JH Fagan, a distribution company located in Waukesha WI.  This position allowed me to develop a department from the ground up, and peaked my interest in learning more about the programs, and web design opportunities.  So, I teamed up with a programmer and started Peacock Page Designs, LLC.  This start-up has been a project I have been working on on the side as a way to develop my skill sets, learn more about web design, and allow me to truly explore the avenues available for graphic design. It has helped me become a better graphic artist as well as more knowledgable about my trade and therefore a more valuable employee.

Please browse my portfolio.   I think you will see my love of color and impact throughout as well my need for balance of artistry and message.  I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.


Rebecca Furhman


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